Stopgap Dance Company is driven by a diverse creative team who uses dance as a movement for change.

Our mission is to create an inclusive world where diversity is not just accepted but pursued, a world where no one is limited by prejudice against Deaf, Disabled, or neurodivergent people.

Working with an artform shaped by human touch and energised by the spark of connectivity, our work demonstrates the compelling power of diversity and inclusivity. We move together to create a remarkable experience that transforms society’s perceptions of difference and dismantle the inequity of privilege, in dance and in all aspects of living, collaborating, and creating together as humans.

Our work is both focused on and born out of the company’s rigorous investment in equity and inclusive culture. We are committed to removing barriers to dance, nurturing the talents of dancers born into any body and any mind. We are in coalition with a wave of organisations moving towards a better representation of diversity on our stages and in society.

We are a global leader of disability access in dance and continuously examine best practice. We actively advocate for the industry and the wider world to become more inclusive.

[Video description: Highlights and extracts of our work with fast-paced edits create a video that dynamically showcases our productions. Featured works include outdoor productions Frock and The Seafarers, stage work The Enormous Room and award-winning dance film Artificial Things. Four-star reviews share praise for Artificial Things, The Seafarers and The Enormous Room. Please find the full-length description on the YouTube video.]