Exhibition (2014, Stage)

A new era of invention; Exhibition is a collection of eclectic dance miniatures featuring Stopgap’s emerging artist company Sg2. Created by Stopgap dancers in collaboration with Sg2 and Choreographer Nathalie Pernette.

Exhibition includes:

The Garden

Choregraphed by Nathalie Pernette & Stopgap Dance Company

Dancers: Nadenh Poan, Siobhan Hayes, Tomos Young |  Composer: Jim Pinchen

Referencing Hironymous Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights, haunting stillness descends into a torturous hell. Forbidden Fruit causes desperation, fear & retribution.


Choreographed by David Willdridge & Sg2

Dancers: Hannah Sampson, Nadenh Poan, Siobhan Hayes, Tomos Young |  Composer: Jim Pinchen

Reflecting the patterns we create through the traces we leave and the threads that connect us. As our trails cross and our patterns interweave, we create a web of support that ultimately keeps us moving forward. 

Bound For

Choreographed by Tomos Young, additional material from Siobhan Hayes & Nadenh Poan

Dancer: Naden Poan

Nadenh is from Cambodia and this piece explores his relationship with his wheelchair and how it is a part of who he has become.

Slide with The Sun 

Choreographed by Amy Butler and Sg2

Dancers: Hannah Sampson, Nadenh Poan, Tomos Young  |  Composer: Tom Austin

Slide with the Sun captures the dancers in four moments, allowing the audience to see the individual acts of each dancer; the interacting dancers; their competitive relationships and their resolve. Each dance is a suggestion of the bigger picture, the intention being the discovery of a perfect act.

Production Credits 

Artistic Direction: Lucy Bennett 

Costume design: Martina Trottmann

Lighting design: Doug Khurt

Producer: Lou Rogers

Trainee Producer: Elise Phillips 


Exhibition is part of the Strategic Touring partnership led by Stopgap Dance Company and supported by Embrace Arts, The Point, University of Bedfordshire and Zinc Arts. Its aim is to raise the profile of Integrated work. 

Stopgap would also like to thank Farnham Maltings, Creative Academy and the University of Surrey.