Kat Ball Sg2 Apprentice Dancer

Originally from Surrey, Kat has been involved with Stopgap over many years; as a youth group participant, Artist in Training and Creative Learning Associate. Kat is joining Sg2 in 2018 as an apprentice dancer.

Since 2014 Kat has been working as an Occupational Therapist, having graduated from Cardiff University in 2011; alongside performing and supporting and teaching in a number of Stopgap's youth groups.

She has been involved in Stopgap performances: The Seafarers (2018, 2015),  Paralympic Heritage Flame Ceremony (2016), Moon Language (2016) and various Troop performances (starting in 2014).
And in a number of other projects, including: Step Change Studios premiere showcase, Moxie Brawl's A History of Ireland, EveryBODY Dance's Progress and Sprungdigi R&D with Chisato Minamimura.

Kat has participated in a variety of CPD and learning opportunities, most recently a member of Matthew Bourne's Re:Bourne Overture cohort 2016-17.