Lucy Bennett Artistic Director

Immersed in Stopgap’s work since 2003 Lucy has learnt to blend and expand the dynamic interaction of distinctly different dancers. Working as a choreographer within a company of markedly diverse dancers has allowed Lucy to develop, define and encapsulate her love for expressing human stories through dance.

As a dancer Lucy has worked with a variety of choreographers Maxine Doyle, Bettina Strickler, Adam Benjamin, Filip Van Huffel, Hofesh Shechter, Gary Clarke, Lois Taylor, Thomas Mettler, Rob Tannion, Carol Brown, Nathalie Pernette and Thomas Noone. In recent years she has choreographed: Chris et Lucy (2007); Tracking commissioned by Without Walls consortium, Shape Arts and Liberty Festival (2009); Extra Ordinary Guest Choreographer for Dave Toole and Lucy Hind (2010); Sharra-bang for EPiC Arts in Cambodia (2011) and SPUN Productions, commissioned for the Cultural Olympiad (2012)

As the resident choreographer and, since 2012, the Artistic Director of the Company, Lucy is further developing Stopgap into a company that can conceive original ideas and select key collaborators, whilst taking leadership over the creative processes.

Lucy’s accumulated theoretical and practical knowledge played a key role in writing and delivering the UK’s first ‘Inclusive Choreography’ module for The University of Gloucestershire, and the training course commissioned by The British Council’s Creative Collaboration.

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