Vicki BalaamFounder of Stopgap Dance Company and Chairperson - "When Iona, Stopgap's previous chair, asked me to be on the board I felt so lucky and hugely privileged to continue to be involved with an organisation that I think is incredibly important for not only the dance sector but society in general.  I am enjoying still being deeply connected with the company whilst being able to cheer loudly from the sidelines and offer counsel when it’s asked for."

Peter Greenyer"Before I  joined the Board I had attended a number of Stopgap performances as a member of the audience and was impressed with the choreography and productions, the integrated way of working and the national and international reach of Stopgap.  I felt maybe I could help to add a more local aspect to the organisation, possibly leading to fostering ‘local’ organisations in other areas of the UK."

Jane Hacket

Simon Minty - "I first met StopGap in Tirana in Albania when we were both working there for the British Council. I liked them instantly, individually and as a group. After watching them perform live on Strictly Come Dancing Albania, I found myself discussing dance for the first time. Back in the UK I went to see them and they performed for me, an audience of one. I realised the feeling of admiration and happiness I get when I am with them was a permanent thing. Many years later, in 2018, I was chuffed to be asked to join their board."

Sue Passmore - "I have been keeping a close eye on Stopgap as a company ever since Lucy Bennett began workig there, and I was impressed with both their artistic and educational work they delivered when I was managing the dance and performing arts course at University Gloucestershire. I am delighted to be supporting this ever progressive company."  

Sarah Pickthall"I joined the board as I wanted to ensure that the great work of the company,  particularly its new artistic direction and the developing youth company, is seen, understood and endorsed as a best practice model by as broad a range of audiences as possible.  It is my absolute pleasure to work with Stopgap."