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Previous press quotes and reviews

'Thought-provoking, intelligent, imaginative and powerful' ★★★★★ TV Bomb (for Artificial Things, 2014)

'Bold and disarming' ★★★★ Exeunt (for Artificial Things, 2014)

'Exhilarating, emotional and provoking' ★★★★ Edinburgh Guide (for Artificial Things, 2014)

'Alongside this flurry of movement, there was an emotional depth that pervaded the work.' ThePublicReviews.Com ★★★★ (for SPUN Productions, 2012)

‘Acrobatic and captivating storytelling colorful performance with speed, clarity and humour.’ Sundsvall Tidning, Sweden (for SPUN Productions, 2012)

‘Humorous and action packed performance.’ Allehanda Media, Sweden (for SPUN Productions, 2012)

‘Everything about the immensely watchable work speaks of channeling individual traits – needs, as well as strengths – into a performing unity that has humour, risk, invention and innovative movement.’ Glasgow Herald (For Trespass, 2010)

‘What estimable performers! The security and daring with which they move, and the emotional honesty they bring seems second nature.’ The Times ★★★★ (For Portfolio Collection, 2008)

‘This integrated piece was a joy to watch, full of delicate duets and edgy quartets.’ (For Portfolio Collection, 2008)

‘An outstanding offering of the day.' El Punt, Spain (For Portfolio Collection, 2007)

‘Innovative and engaging.’ Dans Tidningen Magazine, Sweden (For Portfolio Collection, 2007)

‘Stopgap Dance Company's current triple bill reflects a discerning eye.’ The Guardian (For Corpus, 2006)

‘Stopgap Dance Company is a deeply felt affirmation of dance.’ Sunday Express (For Corpus, 2006)

‘Stopgap Dance Company is a joyous burst of technicolour, and Corpus through this triumphant, energetic affirmation had me questioning my own attitudes.' Total Theatre Magazine (For Corpus, 2006)

‘Their punch drunk satire leaves everyone in the audience chuckling.’ Ballet-Dance Magazine (For Rough N Tumble, 2004)