Emily Lue-Fong


Dancer - Frock Understudy & Access Support

Emily Lue-Fong

Emily is a recent graduate of London Contemporary Dance School. During her training she worked with choreographers such as Yukiko Masui, Jamaal Burkmar (Extended Play Dance), Leila McMillan, Valerie Ebuwa and Igor x Moreno.

Whilst training she was involved in a devised collaboration with ‘Leonardo Da Vinci: A Life in Drawing’, where she performed at The Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace.
Prior to this, she trained at The Place’s Centre for Advanced Training where she worked with a number of dance artists and companies including James Cousins, Shelley Maxwell, Michael Clark Company, 2Faced Dance Company and Richard Alston Dance Company.

She is also interested in combining flying low into her dance practice, and had the opportunity to go to Brussels in 2020 to learn from David Zambrano.