After Moon Language

Nadenh relects on the Moon Language project a few weeks on...

(Images by Lizi Sayer)

The Moon Language project has been an amazing experience, where we got to show all our hard work and perform at The Lights Theatre, in Andover.
I’m really proud of myself that I could take part in this project being the only wheelchair dancer, but also that we had the opportunity to work with many people from two different Schools on this project.

It was such a nice atmosphere with a big group of people dancing on stage together. I would love to work with them again in the future, because they’re a lovely group of kids and I would like to see them grow more and more in dance.

During this project I also had an amazing opportunity to compose my own music and choreograph a duet on Chris and Christian. This was part of Moon Language’s ” Curtain Raiser”. I really enjoyed working with both of them, they’re such good dancers. I really appreciated their amazing energy they put into this duet. Thank you so much guys!

I have learned a lot from this project, from other Stopgap dancers and also from Siobhan, who choreographed Moon Language. In the future, if I have an opportunity like this again, I would personally like to choreograph a community piece with lots of people. It’s such a good experience and again it would help develop my own choreography skills.

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