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Dance Artist and yoga teacher Amy on experimenting with the company on yoga adaptations 

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So, lots has happened since my last blog. We have finished the third chapter of Artificial Things and are well on the way to completing the second chapter, yes we have been busy! Like most companies we do company class every day before beginning creative work and we take it turns to teach each week. However, one day every week we do yoga in the mornings instead of class and I lead these sessions. I am a qualified Integral yoga teacher (which is most similar to sivananda yoga) but I also teach other styles of yoga that I am familiar with and think would benefit the dancers.

Through teaching regularly and working through an analytical process we have created quite an interesting sequence of adaptions. In terms of the integral yoga we seem to have found some very useful, logical and really quite interesting equivalent movements for Laura and Dave to do both in and out of their chairs.

Originally I worked through the traditional sun salutation with Laura, initially posing some alternatives to certain movements, which then Laura tried and tested, manipulated and then perfected, Laura now has it mastered! I really think that the adaptions we have discovered for the sun salutation achieve the aim of the exercise: to limber, strengthen and focus.

The entire class is not yet totally clear in terms of adaptions and since Dave has joined us these adaptions have evolved, sometimes in quite an incredible way. Because of time restrictions we have not had as much time as I would like to analyse each posture, but those that we have are beginning to be defined. There is also a balance to consider, I have observed and enjoyed the very organic way that sometimes Laura and Dave find adaptions; they are the masters of their own bodies and this is clear when they can take a very complicated movement and rearrange or adjust the movement whilst keeping the intended action without hesitation. 

This entire process is very inspiring, we have a long way to go but we have managed to achieve a level of inclusivity into our yoga classes.

Amy Butler 

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