Artificial Things creative residency at Pavilion Dance

Week 3 of Creation – June 2013 - the dance artists' thoughts

A few words from the dancers about Artificial Things creation in Bournemouth.

Artificial Things creation

“I have been working on my character this week, researching strong political leaders and heroes. First I looked at pictures to get some ideas of how powerful men held themselves, to show strength. I then used the idea of a chessboard to help make a movement pattern on the floor. I put all this movement together, so it was like a play off between the leaders, changing between personalities.” Chris Pavia, Dance Artist.

“This week I have been refining my duet with Amy. The process started with an improvisation by the river in Farnham, listening to each other’s touch, giving and taking. We have now set movement, adding in some lifts which didn’t require too much energy, so as to keep the movement flowing.” David Willdridge, Dance Artist.

“As well as working on the duet with David, I have worked as part of a trio with David and Laura. This started off as an improvisation, taken from the idea of tumbling by Charlie Morrissey. Laura tumbled as David and myself fell with her, unearthing some interesting and unusual movement. Once setting it was hard to keep the essence of the movement, so we had to stay true to where it came from, leaving the finished version looking almost untidy.” Amy Butler, Dance Artist.

“I have been working on my duet with Dave Toole this week. The process started with an idea introduced to us by Charlie Morrissey, called scratching post, which involves moving in and around each other, pushing into body par

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