GUEST BLOG - Dancing in Spite of Injury - Part Four

Part four to Jo Cork’s blogs explains how a Stopgap company class can open the mind…

Part 4. Company Class with Stopgap Dance Company

After a somewhat stressful rush hour journey to Clapham Junction, I was relieved to be in the comfort of a car on the way to Farnham to take part in my first class since becoming injured with Stopgap Dance Company. For the couple of days before I found myself anticipating the morning, and flipping between the excitement I felt at the concept of engaging in a full length class and the anxiety of whether or not I’d feel able to engage, and whether or not I’d be at risk, or make a stupid mistake and further injure myself.
Wearing the cumbersome boot I’d previously found so irritating, I was increasingly aware of my love/hate relationship with the contraption; how it provoked such resentment in me and yet offered me the welcome solace of protection, and with that, increased confidence and a little “buffer-room” in which to make those feared mistakes without the consequences being so detrimental.

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