GUEST BLOG - Dancing in Spite of Injury - Part Three

This is Jo Cork’s third blog on her journey through recovery. Find out how she’s doing…

Part 3. Mind-Set Counts!

I set off to my second individual session feeling full of inspiration, and that detrimental need to be in an open space, only dancers truly know. Having been to an event at the weekend with the wonderful X6 Collective from the 70s, I was fired up and desperate to dance! It was the sentiment of this that lead me into unwittingly defying my fears and anxieties about what ‘problems’ and ‘challenges’ the injury would throw at me that day. Every time I began to contemplate, I shut myself up and told myself “Deal with it at the time”.
I’d thought a lot about my previous session and was questioning dancing in my boot; whether it was better to really test what the injury is capable of without such cumbersome protection; but that issue of protection is one I can’t ignore, so I persisted and with conscious effort to avoid sight of the boot both directly and in the studio mirror, began.

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