Guildford Youth Company's Jenny

Long time member of Stopgap’s Guildford Youth Company, Jenny, has written a blog on her experiences of her one-to-one sessions and the company…

The Responsive one-to-one sessions are interesting and I'm learning a lot about myself and my own way of moving. I like it most when my chair is still because I can concentrate on what I have to do with the rest of my body and not worry about my chair.  It's hard and I need to push myself, I need to practice controlling my chair. The new ways of moving are difficult, especially when my muscles are tight, I have to try and relax. The hardest thing is moving in time with everyone else.
When someone else is driving my chair it’s good when they tell me before they move me and it's quite important that the people who dance with me take time to learn how to help me move. It is easy when I dance with the same person all the time but more interesting when I get to dance with different people.

My favourite thing about the one-to-one sessions is having a bit more time to learn before everyone else comes in. I would really like to improve my contact work because that is one of my favourite things in dance and I am really interested in it. It makes me move in new and interesting ways.
The one-to-one sessions have really helped my muscles in my arms, I am slowly gaining more control and I also feel more confident when talking to people.

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