Hannah on performing at DAiSY Festival

Sg2 dancer Hannah talks about performing at the Disability Arts in Surrey (DAiSY) festival in Leatherhead

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On the 27th of April the dancers went to Leatherhead Theatre to perform ‘The Chair’ and ‘Artificial Things, Part 1: Communication Room’ as part of the DAiSY festival. ‘The Chair’ was performed from a duet between Indra Slavena and Hannah Sampson. ‘Artificial Things, Part 1: Communication Room’ was performed from the Main Team. We weren’t the only ones there but they were other dance artists and other Performing Artists from local Surrey areas.

When we got to the theatre, we went into our dressing room for the Company and with our collaborative artists as well. After we got ready into our dance gears, we headed down to the auditorium and rehearsed our pieces on stage with lights and music. After rehearsing our perfections for the performance on that evening, we went back to our dressing rooms and chilled out for over 2hrs until the performance starts. 

Before the performance started, we were up in our dressing rooms and our Composer Jim Pinchen asked David, Laura and I to the foyer. We met the Mayor of Guildford and heard a speech from the Artistic Director, John Kelly who was in charge of the festival. When it was our turn in the performance, Indra and I were ready to start performing our piece. After performing, we rushed back to the dressing rooms and went downstairs to meet the audience. The audience loved it and gave compliments about our performances.

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Karl Newman
Wed 15 May 2013
Spring DAiSY Festival 2013

It was fantastic to have Stopgap performing at the festival. What a privilege to have a first glimpse of Artificial Things a full 10 months before the official premier! Hannah and Indra's duet was stunning. Thank you!

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