Charlotte's last day!

Charlotte joined Stopgap back in 2011 and today was her last day...! She first came to the company as the Administrator and worked her way up to becoming a wonderful producer. We are going to miss her very much and are wishing her all the best wishes for her new role as the producer at Nuffield Theatres in Southampton...  

Charlotte and Hannah

Today one of the happiest chapters of my life comes to an end - working as Producer with Stopgap Dance Company. Feel the need to make a teary, heartfelt tribute to all the wonderful people I’ve met and learned from. Big moment, big post - feel free to scroll on!

I’ve thought a lot about what I’ve learned from my time in the SG fold and here is a list of just a few of those things (big and small, silly and serious):

  • That if you do fitness with professional dancers you will end up wrecked
  • That you should always have a plan B, C, D and that even if you then have to use a completely different plan it’ll usually be ok
  • That inclusion is really just common sense 
  • That if you work closely with people for long enough you will inevitably turn up to the office in the same clothes from time to time
  • That of course everyone should have the chance to access the training/hobbies/experiences they want to without barriers
  • That The Giggling Squid is the best place to go while on tour/work travelling to please everyone from vegan to the antithesis of vegan and those in between 
  • That whatever level of seniority you are you should always still make rounds of tea
  • That amazing art isn’t just found under a roof - it happens most days of the year in street arts festivals all around the world
  • That staying at Butlins on tour is as hilarious and horrifying in equal measure as you might imagine
  • That you should always be ready to adapt and develop your plans, your ideas, your thoughts - things don’t stay still for long
  • That I can drive a luton-van all around the country and only have a meltdown when it’s in central London on a bank holiday afternoon 
  • And that an environment of encouragement, kindness, humour and support really is the ONLY way to work.

Thank you team Stopgap past and present, you’ve all taught me so many valuable life lessons and made the last (almost) 7 years exciting, challenging and so fun. I’ve had the absolute time of my life and there will always be a part of Stopgap in everything I do.

I'm excited to move on to the new chapter of my life and start a brilliant new role. And I know that once #TeamStopgap, always #TeamStopgap & that I will see you all soon but until then... thank you for building me up & making me stronger, wiser and determined. You are all the best kind of people  ❤️

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