Cherie's Placement Project

Cherie talks about the success of her placement project ‘Dance The Day Away’…

I am gaining such knowledge and experience from working with Stopgap and it’ these tools that I have collected along the way that helped my project become such a great success.
For my placement project I organised a fundraised dance-a-thon primarily for the Guildford and Farnham Youth Companies, but whoever else wanted to join in was more than welcome too.
My idea for this stemmed from Lou (in the office), after an email of hers and I thought why not make this a reality. Being a student at Surrey University you get taught more than one dance technique. I thought it would be great for the Youth Companies to have a fun filled day of dance, learning techniques that they haven’t done before and might not get a chance to do.

My preferred technique at Surrey is Traditional African and Caribbean Dance, so I wanted to teach that. I then needed to find teachers for the other techniques, which were Kathak, Contemporary and Hip-Hop. I knew I wanted to ask some of the students who have previously worked with the Youth Companies so they would know what was needed and how to teach an integrated group, the participants would be comfortable with them and it also would give them an opportunity to practice their teaching.

I found my teachers, found a venue, created letters and sponsor forms, had a date and time, promoted on Facebook and Twitter and even had a drummer for the African and Caribbean part of the day AND a camera man. I was extremely nervous about teaching and the day in general, but my friends and colleagues were great in supporting me.

I had great fun teaching the African and Caribbean, and it looked like everybody else enjoyed dancing it too. I went with a teaching approach that the Youth Company were used to and did a lot of streaming with moves that would be put into the routine at the end.

My chosen teachers did a great job in leading too and I was very proud of the Youth Company members who took part as it was a long day, but they powered through.

I had lovely feedback from everyone, which was brilliant and we managed to raise £79.14.
I definitely think that the day was a success and I would do it again in a heart beat. Not only did I improve and get a chance to use my organisational, management and teaching skills but I got to witness how much fun everyone was having, which to me is the most important thing.


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