Chris talks about Orbiting Worlds

Chris talks us through his latest choreography project, working with dancers Nadenh & Christian...

Orbiting Worlds

The piece is based on planets and space, orbiting and travelling around each other and two of the planets are separated from each other. The journey through the piece is that both planets have to break out and combine together and also going into hyper drive, going through a time loop in space. Some of the planets are hidden and lost and somehow they have to get back to each of their planets. It’s like they are trapped by something mystical that’s caught them, but they have to survive and explore together to solve it.
There are some of my images that I used and they were small rocks that had been broken up and shattered. This is the phrase that I did to combine the planets together and they had to revolve around each other that I used to make the piece.

My ideas came from the images that I found, one was bright and it had rings of rocks around them just like an asteroid belt. That is how I got Nadenh to come up with different circles and loops within the piece. I got Christian to do the same with his material based around the same idea, so they had to revolve around each other. I also had an image of black holes. Some of the other images were darker and had flamed red planets in.

My favourite part of the piece had to be the upside down pike because I saw an image that I liked and it reminds me of the great tower in the Lord of The Rings and also it is an image that I saw in with the planet pictures as well. The dancers added a circle in with the upside down pike and for me I liked it very much.

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