Chris tells us about The Awakening

Chris updates us on the process of his own choreography, The Awakening. He explains what he has been up to the past week, what he plans to do and what he enjoys about being a choreographer.

Last week I worked on the Awakening while the rest of the main team were in France. I recapped and watched Sg2’s solo material and then I developed their solo material, because I wanted their solos to combine into a duet. I also did another solo for Hannah, for her character, as the light of Iron Man, so you see the light in three different places; like the middle of the chest and also the light that’s in the palm of the hand. In the Awakening I’d like to put their solos one by one, because I want to capture the image of Battleship and making up ways of crossing each other.
What I did today is create isolations and then I looked at movement that can travel more and Holly came up with interesting ways of different movement that I added to the material.
The next step for the Awakening is for Tomos and Amy to recap their solo material so that I can find ways for them to collide into each other and also find themselves being lifted just like the Tardis on the front cover of my scrapbook.
My next task for the dancers is to join together as a four to combine isolations and for them to make up their own and then look at the video that I recorded with Holly, so that Tomos, Hannah, Amy and Nadenh can learn the sequence and then I can help Nadenh to find adaptations for the phrase that Holly did with me today.

What I most enjoy about the Awakening is that Tomos, Hannah, Nadenh and Amy have learnt new things within the progress of the creation and I am very proud of them. This is something I like about developing as a choreographer and also working with such great dancers who have achieved. 

Chris Pavia

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