Chris with Swindon Dance

Chris visited Swindon Dance last month to run a workshop. Here are some of his thoughts about the workshop and his experience...

The week in Swindon was great and amazing. This week I thought that Siobhan and I really did very well in the workshop in Swindon. The workshop was based on planets and space and we used pictures that I brought and we used them to bring something new and fresh. Some of the images that we used was looking at how planets move and travel around each other and rebounding off each other just like being magnetised and then we also included bases as well so they can get use to the pictures and made up some movement and we used the pictures of splitting rocks and the swirls and spirals to make up the black holes in space. In the afternoon we gave a sharing at the end and troop performed as well. It was great to see everyone joining in the workshop and the kids were amazing and they came up with their movement which is inspiring to watch.


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