Christian on Chris & his creative process

Christian gives us an insight into working with Chris and his creative process...

Over the past few days, Nadenh and I have been revisiting all of the material we had previously created together with Chris...which was no small task as there were over 10 sequences!

Though there was so much material, it all came back to our bodies very quickly; like we had only been doing it yesterday. I look forward to see how the journey of our characters through the piece becomes clearer over the next creation periods!

The great thing about working with Chris is that he is very specific about what he wants from us as dancers. He gives many words, images and ideas for us to use in the creation of movement and he is very much involved in the creation process; coming in to demonstrate what he wants and giving clear direction. He is also very ready to accept movement offers from us to see if there is anything he may like better or adds to the flow of the whole sequence. Chris also works very quickly which is a great challenge for us to keep up with the changes and adapt them instantly to the existing phrase whilst maintaining the qualities of the movements as a whole.

In the most recent rehearsal, Chris gave us a series of words to improvise with individually before we came together and worked on contact with each other. The words were collision, contact, combining and overlapping. I think it always takes a bit of time to get back into creation mode when we haven't created material in such a long time, but as always, once the creative juices get flowing all the moves come out!

Generally when working with Chris, we tend to improvise while he records on his iPad and then we watch it back together and try to recreate the moments that he likes the best. Other than this, we improvise together and when Chris sees something he likes he will stop us so we can instantly revisit it. From these tasks we then form sequences using Chris' favourite moments.

Much of the piece has very intense and dynamic movement so for now, the task is to find moments of calm before the intensity builds once again. I am looking forward to seeing how Chris' ideas develop and how he structures the piece to keep the audience engaged throughout. Stay tuned!

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