Creation at the University of Surrey

Photos and thoughts from the dancers during the first week back in creation after 2 weeks off. 

Creation at University of Surrey week 1

Creation at University of Surrey week 1

After the creation time at Pavilion Dance and Zinc Arts the dancers had a two week holiday to re-coop and prepare for the creation of the next section of Artificial Things

The first week back, now at University of Surrey, has been a mixture of revising the old and improvisation for the new, with an added extra of Chisato Ohno coming in to teach a Gaga session and give notes on Yoshifumi’s section.

“It was exciting to have Chisato in to teach us Gaga – especially as she stayed behind to watch Yoshi’s section and give notes to us all. She has even promised to work with us on our solos to really get Yoshi’s intentions behind the movements out.” David Willdridge

“This week I have been improvising for the new hectic section, advising the others on their tumble trio from the third section to help polish it and learning lyrics from ‘Old Songs New Songs’ by Family for my solo which ends the whole of Artificial Things.” Dave Toole

“This week I have been re-capping all my solo gesture phrases that I made up before our two weeks off and getting ready for the new section by having a group improvisation, then setting the improvisation into a solo.” Chris Pavia

“This week we have had the chance to play with lots of punch hole snow, seeing what patterns it makes on the floor when we dance in it, getting to know how it feels. Also the arrival of the vitrine happened this week, so we’re really starting to see how all the set design is coming together.” Laura Jones

“We have been going over what we call the chicken phrase this week. A high energy phrase made up by Laura, which we all adapted quite early on in the creation process. So it’s now a case of going back over it, changing parts and getting it clean for the mayhem of the second section.” Amy Butler


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