Cairo Residency: part 2

See how the final days of the Cairo Residency unravelled in Christian's eyes...

The not knowing of how the piece will turn out can be fearful process or in fact an even more exciting one. We did a run through of the work today and I feel it was very successful. It has been a real pleasure to observe Meri construct the piece and give certain concepts and ideas for each section. I think that creatively experimenting with specific tasks is a brilliant way to strip away habitual responses to then find something that is even more interesting. In addition to this, the ideas can be taken further as you potentially exhaust all of the initial possibilities. I have also witnessed the group learn the value of taking their time. We were given a note for The Enormous Room; 'Give yourself permission to dance'. This resonates greatly with me. I think that the same applies here and is also a big part of owning the movement instead of rushing and feeling that you must start instantly rather than settling, even if just for a second, before you begin. It is also about giving the audience a chance to process coherently what they are watching instead of bombarding them.

The day before our last dancing day in Cairo! We spent much of this day cleaning and working on each individual section of the piece. A long day for the dancers but we managed to get a full run in at the end of the day. I always feel that this is the most tiring aspect of any process due to the repetitions but on the other hand, one of the most rewarding. As I mentioned earlier in the week, I could see the group's confidence grow more and in turn, their performance became more powerful. I look forward to our final day together where the finishing touches can be made and we can start to look at the overall work as it would be during the show.

The end of an absolutely amazing week in Egypt! I am coming away feeling extremely humbled and proud of the dancers in the project. I have learnt so much from them and it is definitely the beginning of some great friendships. We finished the day with a run of the piece outside at the Greek Campus. The group's energy and commitment to the work was the final piece of the puzzle and they took it up a gear. It has been a privilege to be able to come and work here as well as an incredibly enriching, inspiring and motivating experience; one of which will stay with me for a very long time. We finished this brilliant week with beers, chicken wings and great company on the balcony at the Marriott Hotel. Egypt and everyone we have met, we thank you and we will miss you, until next time!

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