Christian talks to us about Replay

Christian explains the benefits of filming Stopgap's youtube channel, Replay...

Over the past couple of months, Nadenh, Hannah and I have been working on creating new exercises for Stopgap's Replay channel on YouTube. Replay is where we make and record inclusive exercises for anyone who wishes to dance alongside us but is unable to get to any of our classes.

I think that this is a truly fantastic resource for dancers to not only work on their technical skills but also learning material and developing their performance. I have had a great time creating for Replay, a great benefit of filming yourself teaching is that you have to be so specific and clear when explaining the movements, incredibly valuable! Not only this but it is a perfect tester for open language as well! It has been great to really focus on how we can make every exercise we do suitable and translatable for everyone regardless of body type or ability; there will always be an accessible version and adaptations in order for anyone to progress. We have been trying to make the videos personable and exciting, hopefully inspiring people to come, learn and dance with us.

I have been working on delivering inclusive fitness to the company, trying to find out what everyone's goals are and how I can tackle them from many different angles suitable to their bodies. I love this challenge because more often than not, through looking for translations I find new exercises for myself. Something that is very important for me is taking into consideration everyone who is in the class. Even if everyone needs a different set of exercises, I will make sure that everyone has their own program to follow throughout so that they can feel like they are taking charge of their fitness goals. I like to offer exercises that I am unsure about. The best way to find out if they work or not is to trial them! If they don't work, I take great satisfaction in talking to my colleagues so we can find something that does. I hope to continue developing my understanding of different bodies and how I can be even more specific with my training ideas. I get very excited about bringing my passion for fitness to dance and my colleagues and I wish to develop my take on inclusive training.

One day soon Nadenh and I will bring it into Stopgap's Replay, so we can share our ideas with everyone.

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