Dermot on being in the Youth Company

Dermot writes about his time with the Stopgap Guildford Youth Company and joining Sg Troop

Hello, my name is Dermot Farrell, I am 24 years old and I joined Stopgap Youth Company about 5 years ago. I have been performing in lots of amazing and exciting performances such as dancing on the steps of St Paul's Cathedral, South Bank Centre and lots of different venues. I really enjoy dancing because I like to learn new movements and also I love working in duets and solos.

The other things I love about dancing is adapting different types of music into movements with dancers of different abilities. At Youth Group we work in duets and solos. Also we work in a group and learn ways of doing different types of dances using different levels such as high, low, medium and different techniques that makes the way we are moving more exciting for the audience.

Sg Troop

I recently became a member of the Sg Troop. This is a group organised by Stopgap for other people like myself who are interested in dance and adapting to higher levels in dance, with more performances in the future. There are currently 6 members in the group and we will be performing our first performance at the Winter Youth Platform, Late Night Tales at Farnham Maltings on 15 December. Lucy and Nadenh lead the group. 

Dermot Farrell 

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