Hannah's thoughts on the Point summer school

Sg2 dancer and teacher, Hannah, writes about teaching at the Point, Eastleigh for the yearly 'Elevate: Integrate' summer school

The Point summer school group

From the 18th to the 23rd of August, Tomos, Nadenh, Chris, Siobhan, Amy, David, Lucy and I went to The Point in Eastleigh. Chris, Tomos, Nadenh and I travelled on the 18th, and Siobhan and Amy travelled up on the Monday so they could prepare for the week’s workshop. David travelled up on the Wednesday and Lucy went up on the Thursday. Lucy came up to find out what had been happening in the workshop and to see our hard-work. 

On that week at The Point we all participated in the workshop that Siobhan and Amy taught followed by Chris, David, Nadenh and Tomos who had been teaching as well. The group we had were from Stopgap’s Youth Company, The Point’s dance group and work experienced dancers that worked with Stopgap. Our dance group we had for the week were non-disabled and disabled dancers that experienced dance from learning and participating in sessions.  

The whole workshop was based on Stopgap’s Artificial Things, dance games, creating duets, solos and group-work. Amy and Siobhan had taught a class and a yoga session before we learnt and created a dance piece at the end of the week. After class Amy and Chris had planned and taught 2 solos of Chris’s in Artificial Things. We learnt the Isolations and Chris’s main solo in the piece. We learnt how to do the Isolations in slow-motion. When David started teaching in the workshop, he had the idea of exploring contact (close up and far away), each dancer had a partner to work with and both improvised contact as a couple. He also led an old classic Stopgap travelling, Streaming where we had a rule and we improvised that particular rule like long arms and legs.   

On the next day, Tomos and Nadenh had separately taught 2 travelling sequences; Tomos did an after lunch warm-up and Nadenh taught his version of travelling in his wheelchair. As a group and in partners we adapted his movement.    

This dance piece we created as a group will be a Curtain-Raiser for Stopgap’s Premiere of Artificial Things early next year. Each day of the week and the exercises we did were themed on a specific word or image to explore and improvise with. These words and images we explored on were ice, melting, freezing and cold.  

On the last day of the week, we rehearsed everything and showed our piece followed by another dance group that also showed theirs at the end of the day. Our performance in the sharing was really good and everyone enjoyed it. The audience loved it and Vicki (Community Dance Manager of The Point) gave out the certificates to our dance group who had participated in the workshop on that week. 

Hannah Sampson

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