David on Section Two of Artificial Things

David explains the ideas behind section two of Artificial Things

The final two weeks of the creation period have been spent devising Section Two. Lucy was keen to draw on our inspirations to help choreograph the movement. One of my many inspirations for movement/contact work is professional wrestling. Although it may have a stigma attached to it (it's for children, the hint of pantomime, it's 'fake'), it is still two burly men lifting one another over-head, finding new and exciting ways to entertain the crowd. If that is not contact partner work, I don't know what is!!
I showed some Mexican Wrestling to the other dancers to help inspire new ways of lifting and transferring weight. Arguably, Laura may now be the first wheelchair using wrestler in the UK, she certainly has a mean right hook!
The section has proven to be all out craziness, what with the introduction of Dave's larger than life character, a chainsaw, wrestling moves and a new cast member with an ever present smile and four wheels.
Want to know how bizarre Stopgap can be? Watch section Two!

Dave Toole’s entrance in his vitrine

David, Dave and Amy trying out some wrestling moves..

Dave and Amy.

Section two even involves toy cars raced by Amy, David and Chris.

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