Farnham Youth Companies busy schedule

Cherie fills us in on what Farnham Youth Compnay have been up to so far this term...

Farnham Youth Company have been super busy, as all of our youth companies have been, we only have 6 sessions left before our Annual Winter Platform on Monday the 11 of December (eeeeekkk!)

Everyone is amazing and FYC’s piece is definitely pulling together, making me a very happy teacher indeed. This is the first time I have choreographed for our Winter Show and I have had to take a step back from supporting and dancing with our wonderful young people in Farnham and offload all of my ideas, tasks and choreography on to them. They are taking this on board brilliantly, especially as I am challenging them and working on techniques that they are not used to…. (shhh I can’t give too much away, you will have to come and see for yourself).

We have had 3 new members join, a returning face and 2 new amazing volunteers signing up which brings us to a total of 16 dancers! It is amazing that the Farnham group is expanding and that I get to see new young dancers grow and that they also teach me some things along the way too. There is such a great sense of community and family within the Farnham group, which I love and everyone is so hardworking, supporting each other through the session - so much so that I am finding it really hard to choose 1 or 2 dancers of the week. A couple of times it has been the whole group but hey if everyone deserves it then why not… #GroupPhoto

As I said we have been working on our Winter Choreography but in the first 3 weeks of term the group also re visited the IRIS syllabus – now working on the Contact Dance segment (which is hard). We had a visiting filmmaker Floyd Konde come into the session and film the groups’ progress as well as them answering questionnaires.

We also had a very exciting session before half term where the BBC, yes I said it the BBC came into Farnham Youth Company’s session and filmed us for Children in Need! They also interviewed the lovely Nicole Williams, her mum Charlie Williams and me….but I waffled a lot. There where lights, a massive camera, the Producer Tim Holt and a celebrity interviewer Edith Bowman (who was lovely). Everyone was in their Stopgap T-shirts and we had a room filled with an array of blues, reds and yellows. Even though having the BBC with us was such a great opportunity and experience it was also a very distracting class. We had to repeat a lot, be in certain places and be quiet during interviews. Farnham Youth Company made me very proud as they handled all of the changes to our normal session with such professionalism and had fun at the same time.  So watch out for us on the 19 November at 12.15pm.

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