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One of the newest members of our team,  Anna, shares some suggestions to help you break up your algorithms and help Feed your Feed!  

We are spending a lot of time online at the moment, sometimes endlessly scrolling Instagram for inspiration, staring at Twitter waiting for the feed to refresh, and don’t even get us started on trying to get our heads around Facebook Live (check out our weekly classes, there are quite a few to take part in!).

It can be a monotonous cycle of staring at the same content, which is why we have made this happy little list to feed your feed and shake up your algorithms!

Image credit: Mengwen Cao

Starting off with a person I could write an entire essay on. Alice Sheppard is a wheelchair dancer oozing with power and gravity defying creativity – just look at her videos on her Twitter and Instagram!

Not only is she the artistic director of Kinetic Light, she has also won a Bessie. And she is a speaker for the aesthetic of disabled dance and intersectionality – is there anything she can’t do? Her can-do attitude leads to breath taking works and pieces of movement that will make you question everything you thought you knew about balance and control.

We are so excited to see her new piece Wired (due to premier in 2020), when it comes out. We’re sure we know a few people who will want to sign up for aerial stunt classes!

alicesheppard.com/about/ || kineticlight.org/

Twitter: @wheelchairdancr    Instagram: wheelchairdancr

Speaking of powerful women, Mia Mingus is a writer who will capture disability justice in a compelling and raw way that will make your emotions bubble.

Her blog is only a small sample of her amazing work, but it is an accessible and welcoming place to begin if you are wanting a bit more depth and humanity. Mia speaks passionately about transformative justice and disability justice, all laced deftly with her personal experiences of intersectionality.

                                                                                                                                      Image credit: EPLi

Her Instagram and Twitter feed are chock full of inspirational quotes from herself and people she supports. Her activism is just that, hugely active! Mia doesn’t follow the trends, she is about five steps ahead and is encouraging everyone to join her. If you want to change the world – following Mia will make you take that next step!


Twitter: @miamingus       Instagram: Mia.Mingus

The lovely Laura is one of our favourite dancers! She has done a tour of many a major dance company – including yours truly. She stunned the audiences in the Portsmouth Dockyard when performing in our 2019 piece The Seafarers.

Laura does a huge amount to raise money for charity. Her current campaign is A Dance for a Donation! All the details about how you can get involved are on her Instagram pages, twitter feeds and her YouTube channel.

Her YouTube is filled with her Dance for a Donation campaign. In the space of less than three weeks, Laura has created (at the time of writing this blog), 19 dances! They are personal, comforting and a wonderful way to raise money for an amazing cause: MsSocietyUK

lauradajao.com        Youtube: LauraDDances LauraD

Twitter: @xitsallgoodx @lauradfundraising      Instagram: Lauraddances  | Lauradfundraising

Image credit – Rosie Powell

Stuart Waters is not afraid to be human, to be open about his experiences or to a let audience share in his darkest moments. A neurodivergent dancer who has made a huge creative impact on the UK dance landscape through companies such as Protein Dance and Motionhouse.

But now he is exploring his personal story. His first piece that he choreographed on his own body, RockBottom, shows a deep internal expression which hauntingly proves to resonate with audiences. All who watch him dance are ensnared by his narrative and can contextualise it within their own experiences.

We are all desperately waiting to hear more about when touring can resume as this piece will be iconic in dance and theatre. Check in on his social media for updates on his work – but be warned RockBottom explores adult themes and will not be suitable for younger dancers.


Twitter: @rockbottomdance       Instagram: stuart_waters

Finally a little cluster of recommendations closer to home!

Image credit – Chris Parkes

Alice Shepperson has just launched her brand new website, with info about herself, her Lengthen & Strengthen and a blog as well! Head to www.aliceshepperson.com and check it out!

If you want a sunny outlook on your Instagram Stories, you have to follow Hannah Sampson! She always posts videos of her dancing with us for the online classes. Hannah's Instagram is: hannah08.27

The wonderful KJ spreads so much joy on her twitter feed – and she has fabulous recommendations too! Check out KJ on Twitter @KJLMortimer or on Instagram as KJLMortimer

What we really want to do is learn and develop our own feed too – we want to hear from you about who should be on our radar, who we should follow and who we should shout out!

This is an open conversation where you can chat to us on any of our social media platforms, we love hearing from our community! But we want to expand our community and give a voice to those who may not always get a chance to talk. So we beg you – tell us who YOU think WE should be following?


                                                                                                                                                                 - Anna Clark

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