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Christian writes about his first month with Stopgap…

I've only been with Stopgap as an official full time dancer for just over a month now, but I really feel that it was the best decision I had made coming to the audition back in January. I feel very settled within the company already, and the fact that every day is different always keeps me on my toes. Getting used to company life outside of rehearsals will take time; learning the ropes and what happens when, but I couldn't be happier with my experience so far. I really appreciate the emphasis that is placed on us as artists, always training and developing. I need no encouragement to go off and do classes, grabbing any experience I can, but having classes all the time with the company is a gift. I feel that going away every now and then allows me to gain new knowledge that I can then bring back to my work with Stopgap.

I am embracing the opportunity to learn Stopgap's teaching methods and philosophies and I can't wait to get stuck in properly later in the year! My first workshop with the Artists in Training is next week, so preparations are well under way. I have found that I do have confidence in my ability, however I am apprehensive about the challenges of teaching an integrated group. I know that as much as they can potentially learn from me, I will be learning so much more from them. I feel that all I want to do is to be able to offer each of the students as much as I can to access and enjoy equally, achieving their goals and understanding of their bodies. Having visited both Farnham and Guildford Youth Company’s, I am really looking forward to working with them more and developing my understanding of the IRIS syllabus.

Working with Stopgap is incredibly rewarding in so many ways. I am able to access a multitude of areas in the profession, from taking class, to creating work, teaching different levels and writing about my experiences among many. I think that doing this is integral to my development as an artist but also as a person; I am learning every day, which is the way it should be! I feel very humbled and privileged to be surrounded by such a dedicated, committed team and it is a real pleasure to be inspired by them on a daily basis.

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