Astrid's experience at Stopgap

Recently, we welcomed student Astrid for a week long work experience. Here she tells us what she got up to...

I was lucky enough to be offered a week-long work placement with Stopgap in May 2019. I was given my schedule before I started which was helpful. I learnt so much about contemporary, inclusive dance and Stopgap as a company during the week. The teachers and company team were amazing and  very nice. I was quite nervous at first because I’ve never danced with physically less able people but all the classes I attended were really welcoming and creative. 

Throughout my time at Stopgap I felt really supported and it really inspired me to go into teaching and helped me gain ideas into what it would be like to work in that area of dance, which was really exciting. Out of all the wonderful classes I was involved in, my favourite class was with LinkAble in Woking because the class were so friendly and fun. The young people were constantly making me giggle and were an ambitious, friendly group.

When my placement was up I was really sad to go and will definitely miss my time there. I would like to thank Stopgap for such a wonderful opportunity and for helping me widen my creative ideas in dance and all the wonderful classes and teachers that were involved.

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