Casson&Friends in collaboration with Sg2 - Creation Diary

See how Sg2's first week working with Tim Casson went...

Sg2 dancers have had the opportunity to work with Casson&Friends, creating a new piece. A few weeks ago began their initial creation session. Sg2 dancers, Hannah and Nadenh, met with Tim Casson and company dancer Connor Quill, along with Stopgap’s Creative Learning Manager and Sg2 rehearsal director, Siobhan.

Here are a few sneaky preview observations by our access worker, Cherie, from their week together!

Mon 28

Task: Helping one another across the space by pushing, pulling and using different body parts; the challenge is to keep the focus forward.

Within this task, the group was asked to think of different qualities for travelling:

·       Laser beam quality
·       “Nervousness” quality
·       “Scared of everything”

(Nadenh was scared that his wheels were going to go over someone.)

Tue 29

Task: Automatic responses to words, add on a movement with it; the movement could be simple or abstracted, whatever springs to mind. 

Questioning exercise - 'Conversation into choreography', based on Tim’s previous interactive work 'The dance we made'. To ultimately create movement out of the question and answer process.  Once you have a starting block of material, begin an editing process - using big and small movements, different spacing, levels and different facings.

Wed 30

Task: Ignore our impulses; be aware of them instead. Now, go with an impulse, move in any way that makes you feel happy. Piece together what your ultimate “happy moves” are.

Whilst Dougie the sound engineer was playing with music, Tim called out words that we had to react to. Words like: free, happy, trapped, getting comfy, laughing, nervous, brave, scared, exploring, interested.

Comment from Hannah S - 'I felt that we are all connected, like we are a family'

Thu 1

Task: Hannah and Connor created a duet; stand on your partner’s feet.

Nadenh continued working on his 'Happy Dance'.

Task: Working on talking and speaking skills; our task was to stand in front of the group and deliver a lecture on a chosen subject, for example ‘What is dance?’

Fri 2

Task: We worked on signing, everyone spoke about what they liked in their own house and then created a sign for it. After we learnt the sign, make the sign bigger and choreograph a short phrase from it.

Re-cap of shifting across the space, Tim showed us a video from ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs'. The qualities to focus on being curious, quiet, secretive, scared, brave and comical. Incorporate the use of sound as a means of expression.

A following task from this exploration was 'Cave of wonders', exploring the qualities of excitement, discovery, being playful, being naughty, something that made them very child like.

Task: ‘The Do’s and Don’ts of Theatre’ Keywords from this task - Fidgety, uncomfortable, trying to get comfortable, noisy, inappropriate laughing and clapping. Cleaned their 'Happy Dance' move by move, changing levels, intentions and facings

So, there you go, a slightly cryptic overview of their first week. You’ll have to see the show to find out what their ‘Happy Dance’ might be! It’s great to see Sg2 collaborating with another choreographer and dance artist, very excited for what the outcome may be.

The show premieres in the spring of 2016, watch this space!

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