Cherie's first week at Stopgap

Cherie has joined the Stopgap team on a placement from the University of Surrey and shares what she has got up to in her first week

Cherie's first week

Hi everyone, I’m Cherie and I am currently on my placement year with Stopgap Dance Company and in my 3rd year at the University of Surrey. 

So…my first week, where do I begin…  Well, I had a very laid back first day which was lovely as I was so nervous. I got to meet the Stopgap team (some of which I knew already) and had a sit down introductory session with Charlotte. I got to know all about my role and what I will be doing and learnt all about the essentials such as the timetables.

Throughout my first week I have been doing a bit of everything: I have been assisting Charlotte with the day to day jobs and creating a lot of spreadsheets and conducting research; writing emails and trying to get used to the iMac  - this has been my biggest mission of the week! I have also taken part in open company class, which takes place in my University, which was AMAZING!! The class was led by Creative Learning Manager, Siobhan, and was joined by the Sg2 members Hannah, Nadenh and Tomos. The class consisted of a variety of things such as a hard core warm up (those crunches killed me); floor exercises; swings; a jump sequence and a traveling from the corner phrase. It’s definitely one of my highlights of the week.

I then worked with the Stopgap Youth Company who I was very pleased to see again after working with them a couple of months previously. We started to piece together a choreography that they are working on to perform very soon. I also got the opportunity to meet and work with the Farnham Youth Company which hasn’t been running that long, and the members are younger. I really enjoyed working with them as they are a lovely group! We did class and then split into groups and created a short phrase using snow as a stimulus where the girls I worked with (Anne and Anya) had a bunch of ideas of what to do and really enjoyed making a small bit of choreography.

So that’s it…I have thoroughly enjoyed this week and everyone has made me feel so comfortable and welcome. Tea is definitely my new favorite drink, I must remember to get a work mug soon.

Can’t wait to see what else is in store for me while being with Stopgap! 

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