Guildford Youth Company's Adventure by Cathy

Cathy, our student intern, writes an opening blog about a great opportunity for our Guildford Youth Company to perform at The Royal Albert Hall as part of the anniversary celebrations of the Magna Carta.

When returning for a new term, Guildford Youth Company were excited to hear that they have been invited to be part of ‘The Freedom Game’ a community Opera with choirs, orchestras, theatre groups and dance companies, which will be performed at the Royal Albert Hall, London on May 12 2015. This event forms part of the 800th anniversary celebrations of the Magna Carta. This will be Guildford Youth Company’s focus for the duration of the spring term and preparations are already underway given the sheer magnitude of the project.
Over the past few weeks, Guildford Youth Company has mostly spent time in research and development. The company initially spent time introducing and discussing the key concepts surrounding ‘The Freedom Game’. Our piece aims to celebrate freedom, promote diversity and confront discrimination.
From this we have begun exploring movement in partners and groups; using images, sounds and qualities to spark ideas. Powerful words that stuck amongst the group included chained, dependent, uneven and tied; these concepts created some strong and engaging movement. Using images to support our creativity has been beneficial; visualising movement in this way has enabled a deeper exploration of material.
To encourage our brainstorming, each session we have shared our movement and mind mapped all our creative ideas. These mind maps have become a useful resource, helping to trigger previous ideas and develop them further.
In one of our latest sessions, Katie Green visited us from Surrey County Council, who is playing a fundamental role in the organisation of ‘The Freedom Game’. It was great for us to get a chance to speak with her and discuss ideas; the company was engaged and inquisitive to know more about the project. Using a model of The Royal Albert Hall, Katie was able to explain and demonstrate the layout and structure of ‘The Freedom Game’ helping to gain clarity amongst the group on our role within this giant celebration.
Although we have only just started to build towards such a monumental event, the company are engaged and dedicated as always. The opportunity has elated everyone and there is a real vibe of excitement amongst the group. We can’t wait to see where the creation of this piece will take us, watch this space!

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