GYC's Performance at the Royal Albert Hall

Cathy writes about Guildford Youth Company's experience performing at the Royal Albert Hall as part of 'The Freedom Game'.

It was an incredibly exciting day for Guildford Youth Company on May 12, as they performed at The Royal Albert Hall in London as part of a community opera called ‘The Freedom Game’.
Performed by over 1000 surrey residents, ‘The Freedom Game’ celebrated the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta. The opera explored the daily freedoms we take for granted and recalls history to demonstrate the struggles humanity injured to win these freedoms.
Stopgap’s Guilford Youth Company were lucky enough to be invited to perform in the opening and finale of this monumental event. In the weeks building up to the performance, Guildford Youth Company were dedicated as always, learning repertoire and building performance skills.
The show day was a long one. It started early with a safety briefing swiftly followed by a series of tech and dress rehearsals. As the big performance drew closer the nerves began to sink in; however we managed to calm our nerves by rehearsing and singing together (very loudly!) in the changing room.
Ready to go, Guildford Youth Company hit the stage and they gave a fantastic performance full of energy and enthusiasm (as always)! Their passion for dance shone through and their professionalism exceeded expectation as they all kept calm and collected throughout the show.The grand finale was emotional. Balloons dropped from above as the audience stood to applause and we were all feeling very proud. On returning to the dressing room, tears were shed and hugs were going around in abundance along with plenty of fist pumping!

Safe to say that Guildford Youth Company had an amazing day. We feel very lucky to have had such a fantastic opportunity, standing us in good stead for future performances. Definitely a day to remember!

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