Hannah on DanceDigital

Hannah writes about working with DanceDigital and how the programme is working with young artists…


DanceDigital is a small organisation that has a small group of young artists who are training to become professional choreographers. These young trained choreographers are from schools, colleges and dance companies.

On the 18th April this year, one of my dancers, Sophie Stanley, and I went up to St. Albans to do a dance workshop. The workshop went well and was interesting because our choreographer was giving out lots of information to us and about our choreography as well. When I was leading my choreography, he gave me some feedback about my aspect of the past and the future in movement. This had got me thinking about changing some of my ideas I had for my piece. I thought it would be easier to do it via gestures and translating them into movement like e.g. an overexcited child waiting for Christmas to happen, to translate that into movement, they would have to adapt the gesture into acting and to use dance techniques to make the movement obvious and abstracted. He also said about the relationship your dancers have; whether it’s a big group or a small group. Almost at the end of the day, the group and I individually led each choreographic piece. We all explored our ideas so we could try out what it would look like as a piece.

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