Hannah talks about Sam

Hannah talks about how her character, Sam, in The Enormous Room came to life...

The Enormous Room - Sam

The Enormous Room is a piece about the loss of Dave's wife and Sam's mum, Jackie Bonnay. The story is about a family relationship between Dave and his daughter Sam. This piece originally came from Lucy's ideas of being in a small space, which then opens up into a big space.

What I like in this piece is that I play a 14-year-old tomboy called Sam. Sam sometimes sees herself like her mum who does everything around the house. Every time her dad wants her to do something, all she ever thinks about is walking away. The reason why is because she wants her dad to move on and for him to let his wife go. In section one of the piece, she is wandering around the house and sees her dad being miserable and grumpy as ever. In this section, she sees herself in pain because she misses her mum and wants her back.
My favourite part of this section is the 'Party' scene, because I get to see my mum back in time meeting my dad for the first time. In section two, she starts to feel lost, confused and then relieved when she's back home with her dad. At this moment, I start to understand how my dad feels because we have a heartfelt conversation (duet) about our feelings.

During the creation of this piece, Lucy asked me to work with Dave Toole. The task that I was given was to talk to Dave about what I did when I helped my mum and uncle after my grandpa's passing. It was this that made Lucy think that I should play Dave's daughter, Sam, in the piece. When I told Dave about my Gramps, I took myself back in time remembering how I felt about my Grams. When I found out about my Grams, I was upset, angry and hurt because I didn't want her to go, but deep down I had to accept it. It was that same feeling I thought that Sam would have when she lost her mum. After I told Dave about my story, Lucy asked Dave and I to make a duet using the idea of a conversation.

On another task I had to learn a piece of movement from Meri’s solo and then make it into a duet with Christian. Christian and I had made a duet on this by combining our solos on a platform on the set. In the piece, Christian plays Tom (Sam's closest friend) who helps and supports her through this hard time.

In scene two, Sam becomes the central role, Amy, Meri, Christian and Nadenh are in a elongating chain. They stay in contact with each other throughout and Sam moves in and out of them then eventually finds her way back home.

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