Hannah's Top Tips

As the new Sg2 have their induction day Hannah offers some of her top tips...

Sg2 Advice and Top Tips

I first started dance at a Ballet School and learnt about modern ballet. After this, I went to a secondary school where dance was one of my seven GCSEs. I learnt about the creative tasks that choreographers had used in their choreography such as Matthew Bourne and his work Swan Lake. Around this time, I was involved in a number of workshops with Stopgap’s youth company in Woking, which is now in Guildford. After this, I did two-three days of work experience learning about the company and who I was about to work with. Before I started working with Stopgap, I had to take a year out at Kingston College where I took a BTEC First Certificate in  Performing Arts. I had to do this to so I could work as a apprentice dancer for Stopgap. Then in 2010, I became one of Stopgap’s apprentice dancers and worked with Anna Pearce who was my support for two years. In those two years, Anna and I were in a number of dance pieces which were choreographed by Lucy Bennett and Chris Pavia. The dance pieces I was involved in were Gleam Clean, Tracking and Spun Productions and Chris Pavia’s work, Shadowed Voices. Around this time, I was a support teacher for a number of workshops that Anna and I did together. Here I learnt how to teach in schools, universities and youth groups.

Top Tips:

  • Believe in yourself
  • Be confident in pursuing your goals or aims

When I was in Sg2, I learnt about being a professional dancer, teacher, traveller and performer. When I first started, I learnt a lot about teaching and how I had to think ahead for all workshops ahead. In this particular area, I also learnt how to plan my sessions, finding the right music to find counts and to deliver with a loud voice.
As part of my professional development, I also learnt about travelling. I learnt how to take the underground when travelling outside of London and London base dance classes. I also performed in Captured by the Dark with one other dancer Tomos Young and The Awakening, choregographed by Chris Pavia. Since then, I was involved in Seafarers, Exhibition and The Enormous Room. The piece Exhibition was choreographed by Nathalie Pernette, Amy Butler, David Willdridge and Nadenh Poan as there were four pieces in one.

Top Tips:

  • To learn about yourself and others around you
  • To translate movement from a standing to a wheelchair dancer (teaching)
  • To research your travel arrangements
  • To do a On Tour checklist e.x. costumes
  • To be fit and healthy
  • Be honest and open with yourself

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