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Henry the Hoover writes about his adventures in Munich & Barcelona with Artificial Things before he settles down for the winter…

Guttentag! So we arrived in Munich! The city with a glockenspiel clock and right in the middle of the famous ‘Oktoberfest’. But we were far too busy for all that, we had a show to do! We performed in the I-camp Theatre, with a space that felt like the audience were dancing with us. This made the performance incredibly intimate and every detail was of the upmost importance.  For the first time I was driven from the front of the stage which meant I could see the dancer’s faces, the perfect opportunity to be a little cheeky! It was great fun, the audience seemed to like it too as we received six encores and a standing ovation! Hurrah!

Once we’d tidied up we were on our way to Barcelona! I then went on a tour across Europe in the Van with Callum and Rich. They had some boring, mostly interesting conversations in the van (I now know lots about fine food). I was hoping to play more games but never mind.

Hola! We then arrived in Barcelona. The SAT! Theatre was very different from Munich as it was much bigger proscenium arch theatre. Therefore it became a much more exuberant performance.  On the first night we followed a performance by Thomas Noone and his company. What a great way to start. Both performances received encores and the dancers were given a great reception at the post show talk on the second night. It was great to see so many audience members with wheels like mine too! This was the last show of the year and what a fantastic way to end it. Gracias Barcelona.

Well I am safely back in Blighty now. As I prepare for my hoover hibernation I have reflected back over the Artificial Things tour 2015 and I wish to say a few thank yous. Thanks to Lucy for my crazy creation and direction.  Many thanks to the dance artists for saving me from many precarious driving disasters or for carrying on regardless (I forgive you for the times you did not save me)! Thanks to the backstage team for my safe travels and fixing my various ailments. Most importantly thank you to my masters, Joy and Helen for bringing me to life on stage all over the world!

 Ta-ta for now!

Henry the Hoover

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