Holly on month 2

Holly is now in month 2 of working with Stopgap and is continuing to enjoy all the new experiences and challenges 

I have been continuing to attend classes, develop my admin skills and work with the youth groups who have recently been preparing for the Christmas platform ‘Northern Lights’ (10th December) 

Last week I started choreographing a trio with students from the Guildford Youth Company. We used the shape and number ideas from previous workshops to form a new phrase of movement and also set a beginning section.  Everyone seems to be enjoying creating their own sequences and it’s lovely to see the dance come together.

Farnham Youth Company also continued developing a piece for the performance and we managed to add a new unison section along with a few duets.  The group are working hard and especially with new members to put into the dance, it was great to see an almost complete piece.

Guildford Open class: Class was new for the term change and provided some fantastic new challenges. The class was high energy but had lots of moments for strength and control.  I look forward to this class each week as I can push my dance boundaries and develop areas such as flexibility.

Stopgap professional class in Farnham: Again these classes are very rewarding, but on a larger scale due to the diversity within the group. Now that I am starting to get to know everyone better it feels very natural to be able to successfully dance with each person. My way of movement can become more versatile in these classes and encourages me to look deeper into the possibilities around me. It’s like for example improvising in contact work with two completely different dancers; it requires more intelligent thinking as to where your weight goes in order for a smooth effortless feel.  I enjoy these classes for the improvisation, technique, insane workout exercises and chance to investigate movement differently.

I am enjoying all areas of my work with Stopgap and feel as though I have many opportunities to learn new skills. In the office I am tackling funding applications, itineraries and important daily jobs to keep everything running smoothly. This is helping to develop personal growth in organisation and communication skills which will always be beneficial to any workplace.  I look forward to continuing this journey and expanding my learning with Stopgap dance company.

Holly Page

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