iF Platform - What happened in Edinburgh

Here’s a blog from Lou summarising how the iF Platform was received at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015…

After 38 performances, 4 five star reviews, 7 four star reviews a conversation day and the start of many questioning discussions and potential partnerships the first iF Platform is over.

Competing for press coverage and audiences at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe is fierce but in our first year we definitely grabbed the interest of the press and the heart of the audiences. With many iF Platform shows selling out, the inaugural platform was a resounding success.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the great press coverage the shows received:

‘miraculous’ Disability Arts Online
★★★★★ The Stage

Artificial Things:
‘exhilarating, emotional and provoking all at once’ ★★★★ Edinburgh Guide,
‘thought provoking, intelligent, imaginative and powerful’ ★★★★★ TV Bomb,
‘bold and honest’ ★★★★ Broadway Baby

Backstage in Biscuit Land:
‘one big tasty biscuit’ ★★★★ Broadway baby
‘she’s set out to remake theatre’ ★★★★ A Younger Theatre
‘ebullient and moving’ ★★★★Three Weeks

Easy For You To Say:
‘mesmerising’ ★★★ The List
‘heartfelt and keenly performed’ ★★★ Three Weeks
‘a show made with love’ Sick of the Fringe

For Now I am..:
‘brave, beautifully choreographed and exquisitely staged’ ★★★★★ TV Bomb
‘a must watch’ ★★★★ Fest Magazine
‘This performance will change your life!’ ★★★★★ Mumble Dance

Our joint conversation day iF Not Now, When? held at partners Forest Fringe on Tuesday 25th August with Unlimited, The Point and Colchester Arts Centre proved that there was a real desire for Artists, programmers and theatre makers to talk about how we can make the Fringe more accessible, how we can find funding to make more diverse work and what the future holds. We will continue to organise sessions where we can continue these conversations, if you’d like to be involved please get in touch. The first one will be held at Salisbury Arts Centre on Thursday 8th October before Julie McNamara‘s ‘The Disappearance of Dorothy Lawrence.

Read more about what Lyn Gardener of The Guardian and Colin Hambrook from Disability Arts Online thought about the day here: Lyn & Colin

If you weren’t in Edinburgh or missed the shows you can still see some of them on tour:

Artificial Things:
Arlington Arts Centre, 12 October
TamS Theatre, 17 & 18 October
SAT! Theatre, 23 & 24 October

Backstage in Biscuit Land:
Barbican Theatre, 22-26 September
Soho Theatre, 29 September - 2 October

For Now I am..:
Isle of Lewis, 12 September

Thank you to everyone who tweeted, came to see the work, wrote reviews and were just curious about what we were trying to achieve. The first iF Platform was a definite success and as for the second iF Platform, well, watch this space…

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