Magpie Dance at Sadler's

David writes about choreographing with Magpie Dance for their 30th Anniversary

I was commissioned by Magpie Dance Company to create a dance piece marking their 30th anniversary. Magpie's recently formed 'High Fliers' are aiming to offer talented dancers with learning disabilities the opportunity to train to become professional dancers.

As challenging as the project was, with time limitations and this being the first chance for some of the dancers to perform on stage, the process and performance was met with a great response. There are a lot of talented dancers in High Fliers that, under Jemima Hoadley's tutelage, will have an understanding of their bodies and a knowledge of how to perform.

The performance at Lilian Baylis Theatre at Sadler’s Wells was a big success, earning the praise of a sold out audience and dance writer for The Times Donald Hutera, who of the choreography wrote:

'...pleasurably and sensitively attuned to the cast’s strong and varied personalities with a well-judged narrative thread that held just the right amount of ambiguity. Well-done!'

I'll be writing a short blog about my experience choreographing on learning disabled artists soon in response to my trip with Chris Pavia to Mind The Gap's International Learning Disability Event. Take care!

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