Moon Languge creation process

Hannah tells us about one of Stopgap’s latest projects, Moon Language…

On the 11th to the 15th July, Nadenh, Siobhan, Christian, Chris, Cherie and I were at GSA at Surrey University in Guildford to work on a project that Siobhan is managing and choreographing for. Moon Language is a project that's about colour, lights and movement, which will be performed by the Stopgap dancers and students from 2 different schools.

In this process on the project, Siobhan had been working with us all, creating lots of sections. Nadenh is creating a duet on Christian and Chris for a curtain raiser before the main performance. Also in this creative process, Amy and Siobhan have been working with us on adapting movements from class and supporting the group to work together as a whole.

I enjoyed working with Christian, Kat and Cherie because we had to use different ways to make contact with each other. Kat and I had explored the idea of using a torch to reveal movements from our duet. Christian and I had explored the idea on small, medium and big movements by accumulating them in a random order. We also added some contact from different body parts. Before Cherie and I worked together, I had to make a solo based around the idea of sensing someone was behind and in front of me. I then had to teach Cherie my solo so that it could work as a duet on the idea of being touched by a ghost.

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