Music Workshop

Laura writes a blog about a music workshop Stopgap were invited to participate in.

We had a fun day on Sunday last month at The Motion and Sound Lab workshop, hosted by Rhythmix, looking at how technology can develop the physical relationship between movement and sound. 

We were able to try out lots of new and interesting bits of technology that used different kinds of input to trigger sounds, from whole body movement to small detailed movements of just one hand, and even playing music the tapping pieces of fruit, boxes and the room itself!

A lot of the programs used the Xbox Kinex to sense movement, and translate it into different sounds; this was interesting to see the consol used in a creative way instead of for playing computer games.

Having familiarised ourselves with the different sound stations, we looked at how we could make using them more intuitive to use without having to be given detailed instructions.  This was where LX tape and marker pens came into their own! 

In the afternoon, some of the students from The Orpheus Centre joined us to have a go using the equipment. The result was a fascinating cross between performance and instillation.  The technology really inspired and encouraged different kinds of movement, and to break out of habitual movement patterns. It’s exciting to see where the research might lead.

(Apps to download)

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