Nadenh on fliming and editing for Replay

Nadenh talks about composing music, filiming and editing for Stopgap's dance channel, Replay...

Over the last few months, I have taken the lead with Stopgap’s Replay dance channel with all of my filming, editing and also composing music for some of the exercises that have been made.

This has been a good start for me because I really like filming and editing. It’s such a good opportunity to do all kinds of things because sometimes I feel that I like to step back a little bit from dancing to set myself down and do something else. I do not mean that I don’t like dancing, I love dancing but I want to learn more because I never trained in filming and editing. For me, I like to try my hands at everything that I can see and touch.

I especially like it when I sit and watch other dancers moving in the studio and try to create the sounds of the movements and put them into the track that I’m making. A couple of months back I went to see a composer Chris Benstead in London and he showed me around his music studio and gave me advise about how to work on composing and what equipment I might need for my little home studio! It was a really good day with him, I came back home with new ideas for my next composition.

I absolutely enjoy what I am doing now and would like to say thank you Stopgap for giving me the opportunity to try new things.

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