New dancer Amy Butler's first blog!

Our new dancer Amy Butler talks about the training she's received so far on Stopgap's practice in education and outreach

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So, I've made it through the first four months! And, it's been great. Already I have had a good taster of all that Stopgap does, a decent proportion of this being teaching/sharing/facilitating. I have been introduced to Stopgap’s responsive approach and although a  lot of the teaching techniques are familiar, the philosophy and commitment the company has is really quite unique.

One of the things I have learnt through my teaching experiences with the company is how important our choice of language is when we teach. Inclusive language creates an accessible and friendly environment. I take for granted that I have full use of my body and therefore have never analysed a word like standing before and considered it closed language. It may seem obvious but actually how often do you consider how restricting the implications of language can be. I still sometimes use terms that are not inclusive but I am gradually getting my head around it. 

As part of my professional development the company enabled me to attend a behavioral management workshop at Laban and it proved to be really useful. It got me thinking about all the skills I already have as a teacher and easy ways to hone and order these skills. I had never really thought through what the code of conduct I teach by is, therefore how am I supposed to make these rules clear to those that I teach. Obviously it is not about verbally communicating this to the class/group but it is important to know what you deem acceptable behavior. There were other useful tips and as workshops go it was fluid and well delivered.

This is just a snippet of what I have learnt, find out more in my next blog!

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Sun 02 Jun 2013

interesting to hear the view of someone new to the company. Also great to hear how important language is in a non verbal form like dance!

Kelly Toll
Sun 06 Mar 2016
Just a hello from an old school mate

Beautiful to see how far you've come. All the best in the world, Your old Canadian Friend, Kelly

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