Sg Troop at U.Dance 2015 - Part 1

Sg Troop dancer, Lily, writes about the team’s time away in Plymouth, performing at U.Dance. Here’s part 1 with more entries to follow…

Hello!  I'm Lily Norton from Sg Troop, and you might know my mum Nicky Norton who is Stopgap's Community Dance Development Officer.  
From the 22 to the 25 July, youth company Sg Troop went down to Plymouth to participate in the final residential event of U.Dance 2015.  We were selected to perform our piece, ‘Book of Me’ after our success at the regional’s at Eastbourne in January.
In Plymouth we performed alongside other youth companies from all over the country, which fellow Troop member, Andy, delighted in asking where the groups had travelled from, due to his vast knowledge of all the counties!

Once in Plymouth we checked into the student accommodation, which was pleasant, apart from some seagulls living near the bins outside, which liked to serenade us with a morning chorus of screams and squawks.  But an early alarm call was helpful with our 7:30 am breakfasts!

After a welcoming dinner that evening and a little bit of swing dance (fun, but chaotic in a room full of 300+ dancers and volunteers) the next morning saw a full day of rehearsals and performances at Plymouth Theatre Royal. We rehearsed in the theatre studios, before a speedy tech run, where we got used to the immense stage and the unfamiliar spacing and lighting. 

The evening’s performance went brilliantly!  Our dance created a certain atmosphere, with the initial silence of our opening section amplifying the tension and giving the dance a feeling we'd never experienced before.  The piece felt great to perform. ‘Book of Me’ has such a unique feeling and in reflection I now understand just how private and personal it is to dance.  The piece got a good reception and we had a lot of lovely comments from other dancers and group leaders.  It was a weird sensation putting our books into the trolley for possibly the last time!  I was very proud of everyone and it gave me an opportunity to see how happy our group was with the supportive, interknitted feeling we have together.  So, back to the flats for a briefing of the next day’s work and a cup of tea and biscuits!

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