Sg2 and Tim Casson - Observations from Lily

Projects intern Lily was in on Sg2's first explorative creation week with Tim Casson, here are some of her observations and sketches...

 During the first week of creation for a new project with Casson and Friends in collaboration with Sg2, I had the chance to observe some of Friday’s session.  I’m a keen artist too, so every chance I get to observe, I like to sketch the dancers and what they are creating. This blog contains a few of my observations and sketches of the dancers at work.

For me, Connor’s face is very expressive and dynamic, especially within improvised exploration exercises. It surprised me how well he worked with Nadenh and Hannah, very intuitive in his movements, extremely confident and comfortable with how he moved.

Hannah and Connor had been working on a beautiful duet that I luckily got to witness. Hannah stands on top of Connor’s feet and they dance their duet like this. It reminded me very much of a young child standing on their parents feet; learning to walk around. There was something very intimate in it, having to stay very connected and be very gentle when moving together.

Nadenh is always very fun to draw, as I know a lot of the lines he creates with his body, he uses his back in a lot of his movement. He likes to move quite fast so at times its difficult to catch a movement I like.

There was a lot of physical theatre involved in their tasks this week; challenging them to create characterful movement and storytelling with what they were doing. There is a lot more for them to think about than just moving, for some tasks they have to react to their stimulus whilst interacting with each other. I’ve really enjoyed watching how the group relates to one another. They seem like they’ve known one another for a lot longer than one week, and I think this benefits their dancing because they trust one another and experiment in their interaction.

I look forward to seeing what they create with Tim, and thank them for letting me observe them!


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