Six months of Stopgap

After sixth months our administrative intern Ethan signs off...

In my first blog I introduced myself to Stopgap. Six months has flown by, and it’s now time to say goodbye! I have done so much, from daily admin and running around the Farnham banks, to building The Enormous Room set and helping with the evolution of the once manic scene change!

The Stopgap office is mad. On the surface it’s a well behaved, serious environment. Each of us at our own computers typing away. Clickity click. But every now and then the madness creeps out. Aww-ing at cat photos, randomly bursting into song, and many more spontaneous explosions of madness. But between it all we keep Stopgap running. Franticly hunting for that rehearsal space, or making important, life changing decisions. Like whether our dancers get a full cooked buffet breakfast at their hotel, or have to hunt their own food.

I was let out of the office too!
With The Enormous Room taking shape during my time here, I was lucky enough to be involved in that process. Initially a grunt for building and moving the set, Cherie and I turned that loud and awkward scene change into part of the performance. Franticly running around the stage became an art form! Loading the van and lockup was a dreaded Tetris game, and production week was crazy. In one run I juggled radio mics, music, surtitles, and the set change. Even more fun madness.

Farnham Youth Company was the first place I danced infront of others. As I said in my previous blog I have done shed loads of acting, but never dancing. Over the course of half a term I was able to dance, with some great young people! Which is a real testament to the work Stopgap enables people to do!

From the daily 9-5 grind in the office to the 10pm Sunday set strikes, I’ve loved every minute. The work, the play, and the people. Thank you Joy, Charlotte, Nicky, Lou, and Sho for welcoming me into the office and to Stopgap, and thank you to all the dancers and crew I worked with. You're all fantastic, and I have really enjoyed learning about dance and production from watching you all work and helping where I could.

I've really enjoyed these last 6 months, and I’m happy to say that I’m part of the Stopgap family, no matter where I am.

Administrative intern
Production assistant

Tea maker
Computer wizard
Set monkey

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