Stepping Stones with Chris

Chris talks about his Saturdays with Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones first started in September 2014 and it is held at Farnham Bourne Tennis Club and there are six participants in the group. Nicky Norton has been leading the workshops with assistance from Cherie, Julia and myself on Saturdays.
During the workshop Nicky gets the other dancers to get into three separate groups and Nicky sets out different circular shapes to develop the students movement material. I help out with the workshop so that I can help to support and encourage the other dancers who are progressing and achieving well.
I also help out with the teaching at Stepping Stone to develop my skills as a teacher and Nicky has been supporting me through this and it is great to be part of the workshop.
Last week I took charge of the register and at the end of the workshop I lead the warm down.
December last year was the Christmas Platform and we had a performance held at Farnham Maltings in the Great Hall.


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Wed 04 Feb 2015

Thanks Chris, it is wonderful that our young people have such a wonderful role model. X

Sat 28 Mar 2015

Hello Chris, I'm not too clear on what Stepping Stones is about. Our son Qeis is 6. He is full of confidence, changes his moves with the rhythm. So much style. Can spend all afternoon listening to music on the iPad and dancing to it. He has Down Syndrome. Could Stepping Stones possibly, be for budding dancers?

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