Young associate - Andy

Andy, one of our Young Associates writes his first blog, telling us what he has been up to this year…

I started Stopgap associates and Sg Troop in September and I achieved lots of things. I’ve achieved new dances, my balance, my strengths and I achieved my goal this term. I’ve met new friends, new dancers, lots of things.

I enjoy my time as a Young Associates. I am improving on lots of different kinds of dance. My strengths are getting better; I need lots of help to improve in class. On Monday with Amy I’ve learned lots of techniques and my body strength needs lots of work to make me strong and healthy.

I like Sg Troop because it makes me happy and joining in with other dancers as well and I enjoy myself. I’ve liked the rehearsals of our dance piece ‘Book of me’, it's a good exciting joyful great piece. We are so proud what we have achieved this year. We have an opportunity to perform at U.Dance in Plymouth. We can go out there and show them what we can do it and impress them with what we have achieved this term.

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ann pannett
Wed 29 Jul 2015
Young Associate - Andy

Well done Andy. What a lot you have enjoyed and achieved. We are so proud of you and enjoy watching you dance so well. We look forward to hearing about your next exciting show. You always look so happy when you dance.

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